Maximize the impact of your Amazon advertising

Maximize the impact of your Amazon advertising

Amplify, measure, and scale your Amazon advertising performance with Downstream's best-in-class machine learning automation and insights.


Automate your way to bigger returns

Cut back on manual campaign management and focus on scaling what’s important – growth and profitability. Downstream’s machine learning automation is easy to setup and configure, so you can quickly offload the tedious stuff and shift your focus elsewhere.

  • Save time and resources spent on ad management
  • Boost your brand’s presence on Amazon
  • Drive top-line sales and increase incremental market share

Non-stop optimization

Leverage full automation and AI-powered recommendations to optimize your ad spend, no matter the size. We’ll help you spend less and earn more.

  • Target ROI goals with always-on goal seeking capabilities
  • Pace, contain, and maximize budget
  • Get recommendations on improvement opportunities
analytics chart

Powerful analytics, Intuitive dashboard

Downstream’s customizable analytics console translates confusing Amazon speak into easy and actionable insights. We aggregate performance across advertising and retail platforms into one central location, putting what matters most at your fingertips.

  • Measure ad performance across global marketplaces
  • View your business the way that makes the best sense for you
  • Understand where your products rank against competitors within paid and organic search

Built for enterprise

Downstream protects your data and empowers your team with enterprise-grade features that provide control and visibility. With flexible governance and permissions capabilities, you control who and how your data is shared internally and externally. We auto-archive your data from the day you integrate, giving you access to historic campaign performance.

  • Control access to data with administrative permissioning
  • Store performance data in our secure and reliable database
  • Gain visibility into year over year performance
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