Unlock your Amazon marketing ROI with Downstream

Unlock your Amazon marketing ROI

Use automation to boost your ecommerce marketing efforts. Try Downstream with a 30-day free trial

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Scale your ad investment & sales

The sheer number of campaigns needed to be competitive on Amazon can be daunting. Skip the spreadsheet and use Downstream’s automation-powered platform to manage your ad investment.

  • Hone your campaigns to resonate with consumers
  • Increase your search traffic by having more specialized campaigns
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Rich analytics & insights

Say no to manual reporting. Downstream automates reporting at the campaign, product, and keyword levels across regions so you can focus on strategy and implementation. Get the actionable insights you need to reach your marketing goals through Amazon search marketing and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns.

  • View where your investment is best spent
  • Keep an eye on campaigns so you don’t run out of budget
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Higher efficiency, higher ROI

From awareness to conversion on the buyer’s journey, Downstream helps you understand and optimize your campaigns so you can blow your marketing goals out of the water.

  • Grow your customer base
  • Reinforce your brand to consumers
  • Increase your sales
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