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Downstream is an ecommerce technology company building software to help brands more efficiently and effectively scale their Amazon business.

Paid Search on Amazon

Amazon is the fastest growing marketing channel in the world and more product searches are done on Amazon than all search engines combined. With software automation, analytics, and a team of industry experts, Downstream will deliver the search traffic necessary to transform your brand from a share challenger to a share leader.

Analytics and Automation

As opposed to Google and Facebook, marketing investments on Amazon are clearly tied back to product sales. Downstream's software uses this absolute relationship to provide best in class ecommerce analytics and automation. Downstream provides visibility into the impact of your marketing investments, which will lead to increased return on marketing investments.

Catalog Optimization

Managing catalog on Amazon can quickly become unmanageable and poor management leads to wasted marketing investments and lost profits. Downstream provides continual inventory monitoring, auditing, and analytics to make catalog management much easier and to ensure optimal return on your Amazon marketing investment.

Our Leadership Team

Meet the leaders at Downstream.

Connor Folley

Downstream CEO

Salim Hamed

Downstream CTO

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