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Accelerate your growth on Walmart with Downstream

We empower brands and agencies to quickly scale growth while improving ROI, RoAS, and operational efficiency with best-in-class automation and insights.

Easy & Efficient


Increase workflow efficiency with access to a high volume of data, robust filtering, and the ability to easily make changes to campaigns and keywords with bulk editing capabilities.

Analytics & Insights


​​Intelligent insights allow you to evaluate performance metrics at a brand, keyword, and product-level to measure the impact of your ad dollars and understand fluctuations in performance on Walmart.

Always-on Automation


Rulebooks is a powerful rule-based automation tool perfect for when you need an advanced level of control over your Walmart campaigns. Rulebooks will allow you to set rules on how Downstream updates your bids.

Understanding Metrics


Create custom sales analytics dashboards for flexible reporting. Easily share reports with colleagues by setting up recurring shares and granting access to specific dashboards.

Ready to go Downstream?

Downstream increased sales and improved ROI for BIC

Downstream's technology has allowed us to drive substantial increases in our Amazon ad attributed sales while simultaneously increasing the return on every ad dollar we invest.

Nicole Zacarelli

E-Commerce Manager, BIC Consumer Products

Downstream helps optimize campaigns for Code3

Downstream has helped us drive results for our clients and has expanded reporting and automation capabilities for our client services and advertising teams.

Mario Volpe

Ecommerce Analyst, Code3

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