Downstream Features

Unlock your Amazon potential

Downstream’s advanced analytics and machine learning enabled application provides a 360 degree view of your entire Amazon business. Built specifically to meet the needs of large Amazon Suppliers, we empower brand's to quickly scale growth while improving ROI and operational efficiency.

AI-Powered Automation

Reduce manual effort spent on daily campaign management with advanced automation. We optimize the inputs that matter most, helping you drive results across critical business metrics.

sales maximization

Sales Maximization

Maximize sales while keeping ad spend on pace and hit your budget targets on time, every time. Ensure every dollar spent goes toward growth and profitability without overspending.

goal seeking

Goal Seeking

Optimize to your KPIs. Set a target RoAS or ACoS goal and our machine learning algorithms will fine-tune campaigns to achieve your ROI goals.

keyword harvesting

Keyword Harvesting

Automate keyword management and protect branded terms from competitor conquesting. Our bidding algorithms adjusts bids from costly low performing keywords to profitable terms, helping you achieve top share of search.



Schedule ads to deliver at the most optimal times of the day. Allocate and control spend down to the hour, so you never run out of budget during peak hours of conversions or when competitor budgets are exhausted.

Insights & Analytics

Measure the impact of ad dollars against strategic goals. Understand fluctuations in performance and feel confident in your decision-making with intelligent insights and recommendations.

evaluate performance

Evaluate performance metrics at a brand, keyword, and ASIN (SKU) grain; or apply custom labels to segment your data as you are accustomed to seeing it.

understand product rank

Understand where your products rank relative to competitors and which levers to pull to improve your brand presence within Amazon’s digital shelf.

explore attribution windows

Explore additional attribution windows outside the standard 7-days for Sponsored Products and 14-days for Sponsored Brands.

global support

Global support for Vendors and Sellers across Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands (previously HSA or Headline Search Ads) in the US, Europe, Japan, Canada, and India.

export and download

Export and download weekly snapshots and custom reports that can be easily interpreted and shared with stakeholders and leadership teams.

marketplace performance

Easily compare performance across marketplaces in a single view with normalized currency conversion metrics.

year over year historical

Access year-over-year growth and historical trends outside Amazon’s 60-day cap.

User Management & Security

Manage thousands of products globally across multiple brands and accounts with secure user management tools.

team roles and permissions

Team Roles & Permissions

Manage how and with whom your data is shared with robust administrative controls.

secure data storage

Secure Data Storage

Downstream safekeeps your data from the day you grant us access, storing it in perpetuity and giving you the sight to facilitate long-term forecasting.

Support & Success

Doesn't matter if you’re a small company or large organization, our support and customer success teams have you covered.

help and support

Help & Support

Our dedicated support teams are here to help you and your teams get up and running with Downstream, and to answer or troubleshoot technical questions.

your partner in success

Your Partner in Success

To ensure your brand is successful, all customers are enrolled in our customer success program with our Amazon experts. We on-board and implement training for your entire team, and provide proactive training of new features.

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