Downstream Features

Downstream features rich analytics & insights

Our platform helps you make data-driven decisions. Downstream gives you customizable charts, filters, and adjustable currencies in various views and more data than you’ll find through logging into the Amazon campaign console or AMS.

Quick analysis

View your KPI trends over time, geography, brand, product, or keyword. Downstream's visual dashboard makes your Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) data easy to understand and compare, so you can:

  • Quickly identify business drivers
  • Pull out actionable insights
  • Tune your campaigns to increase ROI

Unlock data

Pull insights from a larger pool of data. Downstream is plugged in directly to an exclusive Amazon search marketing API, giving us access to data that’s not available even on Amazon’s own user interface. Our platform also auto-archives your data from the day you integrate your account. Use Downstream to unlock:

  • Historical data outside of Amazon’s 60-day cap
  • Additional attribution windows
  • Ability to attribute ad campaigns to conversations for the exact product (SKU)
  • KPIs normalized to any currency so you can easily compare global marketing and sales

Enterprise-grade software

Empower your team to manage thousands of products across multiple brands. Downstream is built for large brands and agencies to be able to scale their marketing efforts without worrying about:

  • Secure data storage and management
  • Speedy data analysis
  • Permissioning so admins can control access to data

Fast integration

Downstream's automated integration process is as simple and quick as:

  • Seconds to sign up
  • 24 hours for your data to be available on the Downstream platform

Learn more

Want to see how the Downstream platform integrates with your data to provide best-in-class analytics and insights? Request a demo or sign up to start your 30-day free trial today.