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Using Downstream Dashboards for Turkey Five Post Mortem Analysis

Overview of using Downstream dashboards to analyze Amazon Advertising campaign performance after Turkey Five

Salim Hamed

Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon are fast approaching. As mentioned in our blog post that outlines Black Friday and Cyber Monday best practices, one of the most critical components to successful advertising strategies in the future is conducting a post-mortem analysis using your own data. Downstream's dashboards put your advertising data at your fingertips, to facilitate critical post-mortem analyses.

Analyzing historical data points like product sales, attributed advertising sales/conversions, and real-time search engine results should significantly influence your overall strategy for next year. It's critical to leverage your own data during the post-mortem analysis because every product category on Amazon has unique dynamics and major events like Black Friday cannot be modeled using data from a typical day in retail.

Capturing, storing, and analyzing this data can be challenging, especially for year-over-year analysis. This is why Downstream has developed a robust set of tools built specifically for Amazon Advertisers, that empower you to capture, analyze, and action your critical retail/advertising data during the holidays. With Downstream, you have access to:

  • Unlimited Data Retention: Amazon only archives data for a certain number of days, but Downstream archives data indefinitely. This makes Black Friday year-over-year analyses a breeze.

  • Shelf-Intelligence Data: Advertisers constantly search during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to understand their organic and sponsored search rank. This approach obviously doesn’t scale and advertisers don’t store this rank information for future analysis. Downstream has access to self-intelligence data that will track your ads’ search rank throughout the day and we’ll store this information in perpetuity.

  • Dashboards and Visualizations: Typically, post-mortem analyses are conducted in spreadsheets with pivot tables and charts. But spreadsheets are cumbersome to refresh as new data becomes available (i.e., data constantly changes because of Amazon’s attribution windows) and cannot be easily shared with team members. Downstream provides a rich dashboard interface where you use visualizations and pivot tables to explore your data in our web application. These dashboards can be shared directly in the application, exported to PDF reports, or scheduled and shared via email.

  • Labeling:An effective post-mortem includes segment analyses, where data is bucketed into logical business constructs then analyzed (e.g., products with promotions, branded/non-branded campaigns, hero ASINs, seasonal products, etc.). Downstream allows you to bucket data by custom labels, empowering data analysis that’s much more relevant and actionable for your business.

  • Global Currency Conversions: Black Friday is a global event, so it's important to harmonize your data across all Amazon marketplaces. Downstream automatically converts data to uniform currencies to enable this cross-marketplace analysis.

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