Simple, Fair, Predictable Monthly Pricing

Flat and predictable pricing lets you pay for exactly what you need to win with Amazon Advertising.

Connor Folley

Today, Downstream published our innovative software pricing model providing flat subscription pricing in contrast to the standard percent of media structure. We are very proud of this pricing model because we believe Downstream’s incentives and those of our customers should be aligned. Providing your brand the confidence to invest more in growth is a good thing! So unlike other solutions we don't charge you a tax based on a percentage of your advertising spend, just a flat subscription. Simple, fair, and predictable.

Flat and predictable pricing lets you pay for exactly what you need to win on Amazon. No more sticker shock from Prime Day or the Holidays from using media spend models. Downstream offers flexible billing options with incentives for our annual commitments, the details of which you can explore on our pricing page. But there is so much more, check out all the value Downstream provides our customers:

Sponsored Ads Automation
Downstream's machine learning engine automatically optimizes your campaigns based on metrics that matter, providing the flexibility to select your KPIs while letting our systems take the wheel.

Automated Keyword Harvesting
Automate the discovery of effective new keywords. Set metric thresholds and specific text targets to automatically find key search terms that meet your business objectives.

Dayparting Automation
Schedule ads to deliver at the most optimal times of the day. Allocate and control spend down to the hour, so you never run out of budget during peak conversion hours - or when competitor budgets are exhausted.

Understand Your Share of Voice
Track your performance on key search terms, gain insight into competitor positioning, and track insurgent brands.

Custom Reporting with Dashboards
Export and download snapshots and custom reports at any time interval that can be easily interpreted and shared with stakeholders and leadership teams.

Bulk Action Capabilities
Easily make changes to campaigns and keywords with bulk editing capabilities.

Global Reach and Support
Downstream offers Global support for Vendors and Sellers across North America (US, CA, MX), Europe (UK, FR, DE, IT, SP), Japan, and India including conversions into over 170 currencies.

Administrative Permission Controls
Robust administrative controls let you manage how and where your data gets shared.

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