6 questions to answer before launching an Amazon ad campaign [Checklist]

Set yourself up for success. Read this before you create a new Amazon search marketing campaign on AMS or Seller Central.

Erica Jordan

Imagine you’ve received a beautiful handwritten invitation to a dinner party with the promise of an evening of endless gourmet food and beverages, but you show up to an empty dining table. Your host had run out of supplies the day before but hadn’t gone to the store to restock yet. Depending on your relationship with the host and your level of hunger, you might be confused, annoyed or even upset. You might think twice before accepting the next invitation.

Don’t do this to the shoppers on Amazon.

While it’s crucial to bring customers to your product page with the right keywords, ad placement, and content, it’s equally important to ensure a smooth customer experience once they’ve landed on your Product Detail Page (also called an ASIN Detail Page) on Amazon.

Retail readiness is all about making sure the pages that display product information and the corresponding products are ready for substantial traffic from AMS campaigns. We’ve created a checklist so you can make sure consumers will have a great experience from the moment they see your advertisement to when they click the buy box.

Retail readiness checklist

  • Is there enough inventory on Amazon?

    Confirm you have sufficient product available for sale prior to the start of the campaign to avoid having to pause and restart AMS campaigns, which will hinder visits to your Product Detail Pages and sales of your product. You’ll also need to confirm that the product been in stock for the last 30 days to ensure high relevance.

  • Am I winning the Buy Box?

    Winning the Buy Box means that when a shopper clicks on the “Add to Cart” button on your Product Detail Page, the default is to purchase from you, they can still buy from others but this would require another click. Spending your Amazon ad budget driving consumers to an Product Detail Page where you have not won the Buy Box will significantly decrease your return on ad spend (ROAS).

  • How many positive reviews does the product have on Amazon?

    Products featured in AMS campaigns should have at least 15 product reviews with an average of 3.5 stars or greater. For campaigns around shopping holidays, this should be a rating of at least 4.7 or higher to stand out.

  • Is the content clear and accurate?

    A+ content improves your SEO and brings down the barrier of sale. Check product titles, descriptions, videos, and custom images. Provide unique, descriptive, customer-friendly information on the product to encourage consumers to spend more time on the product’s Product Detail Page.

  • Is it an Add-on Item?

    Add-on Items on Amazon are products that typically have a low price point (under $10) and can only be shipped with orders containing $25 worth of items that are also being shipped from Amazon. These can be a barrier to sale for consumers looking to purchase the single item that costs less than $25. Instead of supporting Add-on Items in AMS campaigns, focus on other products that have a higher price point to give you higher RoAS.

  • Is the pack size of the featured product appropriate?

There are two main considerations surrounding pack size:

  1. Is the pack size conducive to a shopper's needs?

    Generally, packs should be no greater than six items per pack

  2. Is it profitable?
    Items below Amazon’s profitability threshold will be deemed ineligible for promotion. Promote only profitable items, or determine at what pack size the products are profitable.

Making sure you’ve checked all the boxes in this list isn’t only good for campaign success, it will ensure that you’re spending your marketing dollars efficiently.

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