Introducing Advanced Budget Controls for Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Downstream Advanced Budget Controls let you pace your daily budget throughout the day to ensure you're never running out of budget on critical days

Connor Folley

With Halloween behind us, we have entered Amazon’s critical holiday deals season and the two most important months on a consumer brand’s calendar. The holiday season can be exhausting for those of you that touch Amazon. We all have familiar stories of eating turkey in front of our laptops and refreshing Sponsored Ad budgets at dawn on Black Friday to ensure they are not exhausted by competitors. At Downstream we knew there had to be a better way.

We are proud to announce the development of an exciting new automation capability we call Advanced Budget Controls, which allows you to schedule budget changes for Sponsored Ad Campaigns. Advanced Budget Controls allows you to:

  1. Schedule different campaign budgets with a start and end date on Sponsored Product or Sponsored Brands campaigns.

  2. Add a desired daily budget multiplier (e.g. 2x, 3.5x). You can set a different multiplier for different days of the week.

  3. Distribute your daily budget evenly across the entire day, ensuring that your ads are still served in the evening regardless of the competitive pressure.

Leveraging our powerful new Advanced Budget Controls feature, alongside established capabilities like machine-learning automation, dayparting, keyword harvesting, and many more, Downstream will provide you the confidence to deploy holiday budgets well ahead of critical days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ll know that you’re positioned to capitalize on the surge of holiday traffic, without having to miss out on the pumpkin pie and some well-deserved rest. Please request a demo today so we can set you up for success this holiday season.

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