Downstream Releases Free Tools for Amazon Vendors and Sellers

Amazon Suppliers can now access a powerful suite of Downstream’s Amazon Sponsored Ad and Shelf Intelligence capabilities at no cost.

Connor Folley

We are in uncertain times, and while we all prioritize the health of our family and community, Amazon Vendors and Sellers are also trying to navigate a dramatically different landscape. To begin charting a new course of action, it’s critical to first get a lay of the land. With this in mind, Downstream is offering a suite of free Amazon management products to help the Amazon Supplier community.

Shelf Intelligence
The landscape for every category on Amazon has changed dramatically. How has consumer behavior impacted product rankings in search? What do search results look like with fewer competitors in-stock? Shelf Intelligence lets you track your positioning in the market, gain insights into the competitive landscape, and see trends in search activity. Understand where your products rank relative to competitors and which levers to pull to improve your brand presence on Amazon’s digital shelf.

Sponsored Ads and Shelf Intelligence Dashboards
Consumer behavior is changing by the day and understanding how it is impacting your business is mission critical. Customizable Dashboards turn raw Amazon data into knowledge so you can feel confident in your channel strategy and spend time where it counts. Evaluate performance metrics at a brand, keyword, and ASIN level, or apply custom labels to segment your data the way you want to see it.

Recommendations and Alerts
Identify and understand fluctuations in performance and feel more confident in your decision-making with intelligent insights, recommendations, and alerts. Our Recommendation engine serves up intelligent Sponsored Ad campaign adjustments and configurable Alerts notify you when it’s time to pay attention, allowing you to focus elsewhere while maximizing your channel efforts.

Keep yourself, your loved ones, and your community healthy. We hope this offer helps in some small way to keep your business on the rails during these challenging times.

Stay competitive.

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