Did you know? More people start their product searches on Amazon than all search engines combined.

This is a big opportunity for product marketers to get in front of consumers. But what exactly does advertising on Amazon look like?

AMS vs. AMG vs. AAP

Even though Amazon relaunched their advertising offering under the umbrella of Amazon Advertising, you’ll likely come across the three acronyms representing the former subdivisions that made up Amazon advertising:

  • AMS: Amazon Marketing Services, a self-service search advertising platform for Vendors that targets consumers while they are on the Amazon website. Sellers are able to access a similar platform through Seller Central.
  • AMG: Amazon Media Group, an in-house media team that helps brands advertise across Amazon’s owned channels.
  • AAP: Amazon Advertising Platform, a platform that targets consumers across websites (including third-party websites), and Amazon’s devices. This is now known as DSP.

What’s in an Amazon search advertising campaign?

Similar to other paid digital media platforms, Amazon search advertising campaigns are built based on defined KPIs, and optimized by adjusting bids, keywords, and budgets throughout their lifecycle.

Campaigns are set up by choosing a budget, with the minimum being $100 USD, set keywords, and product targeting. You can also choose location settings out of the geographies where Amazon search advertising is available: U.S., Canada, India, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and Mexico.

Where are the ads displayed?

Ads can appear on the Amazon desktop or mobile webpage, mobile app, or a marketing email.

The big WHY

We already talked about how Amazon can expose your brand to its large audience.

But that’s not the best part.

The best part is that marketing on Amazon means that you are marketing directly to consumers who are already looking to buy. When it comes to product sales, think of Amazon search advertising as your online “closer.”

Facebook and Google revolutionized digital marketing with the ability to measure engagement, and reach consumers midway down the marketing funnel. Now, Amazon and other ecommerce sites are disrupting the industry again, with the ability to reach customers even further down that funnel: at point of purchase.

This means that in addition to awareness and engagement metrics that we marketers are familiar with, including impressions, click through rate (CTR), and cost per click (CPC), we can now understand the amount of sales that can be attributed to ads through a new metric: Return on Ad Spend (RoAS).

Pro tip: Maximize your Amazon marketing ROI with Downstream. Want to know more? Request a demo. Our team would love to discuss your Amazon search advertising goals with you.

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